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Traveling photo exhibition “The Wish-fulfilling Stupa”

The exhibition originally started as an information support for the Stupa of Enlightenment construction, but gradually it developed into an independent and very successful project and has already been to many Russian cities.

First stupas were built thousands of years ago in Asia and they still have a positive impact on the powerfield of the whole universe. Nowadays stupas are constructed everywhere. These fascinating monuments of Buddhist architecture, built by modern idealists, can be found in Germany, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Austria, Poland, France, USA, Russia and many other countries. According to tradition, the Buddhist stupas are meant to dissolve all negative obstacles in the world, they increase the prosperity of the area where constructed and benefit the people, especially those who visit them consciously.

Stupas are very attractive. Many people want to get more information about the symbolism of stupas, especially if they know about the power of its blessing from their own experience. European and Russian photographers, both famous and not very well-known, whose works are presented in this exhibition, have made a pilgrimage to the stupas in Asia and Europe, and through their work they shared the timeless wisdom of the Buddhist teachings. Just by looking at the picture of the stupa and its perfect form clarity and joy may appear in one's mind. In addition to the photos, one can see the model of the Stupa of Enlightenment and the fragments of stupas filling, and hear stupas and their symbolism.

Photo gallery of the project

Contact info

Curator of the exhibition project in Russia:
Svetlana Belyaeva
Phone # +7 (911) 929-88-98
Representative of the exhibition project in the Far East of Russia:
Vera Mun
Phone # +7 (914) 969-41-32
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