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“Orientalia” Festival

Eastern culture is focused on the inner world of a human. By meeting it people get an opportunity to learn more about themselves, discover new qualities. And Orientalia helps it.
Orientalia gathers representatives of various cultures of the East: China, India, Japan, Nepal, Tibet and others in one place. You will acquire the knowledge proven for thousands of years and by many generations of people and then put it into practice under the guidance of experienced instructors.
- different massage techniques
- dietology
- yoga
Arts of the East
- Feng Shui
- thangka painting
- tea ceremony
- Indian temple dances
- throat singing, etc...
Martial arts
- aikido
- karate
- ninjutsu
- Wu Shu
Oriental shops and bookstores usually work at the festival. Orientalia is free exchange of knowledge and experience.

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Contact info

Curator of the exhibition project in Russia:
Svetlana Belyaeva
Phone # +7 (911) 929-88-98
Representative of the exhibition project in the Far East of Russia:
Vera Mun
Phone # +7 (914) 969-41-32
Cultural Heritage of the Himalayas NGO in social networks: