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Interactive exhibition project “Treasures of the Himalayas”

Unique interactive project "Treasures of the Himalayas", which consists of several exhibitions and a variety of lectures and workshops started its journey across Russia in the spring of 2003.
The project includes:
1. The art exhibition presenting about 450 original art works - sculptures and paintings depicting the Buddha, as well as domestic and sacred objects from different countries of Himalayan Region and other states and areas where the Buddhism is widespread: sculptures, metal and wooden masks and scroll Tibetan paintings (thangkas), musical instruments, carving, ritual furniture, ethnic jewelry and many other objects made in the workshops of India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia and Buryatia.
2. Original exhibitions of colorful photographs of ethnic Buddhist regions.
3. "Wish-fulfilling Stupa" - the exposition dedicated to the unique Buddhist architecture.
The project includes guided tours and lectures on the history, culture and philosophy of Buddhism, as well as master classes in painting, sculpture and other arts on the basis of various ethnographic traditions (customs, life style, etc.); there are guided tours for students of secondary and high school, as well as for students of humanities and art universities. The program is presented by teachers of Buddhism, Buddhist scholars, historians and fine art experts.
For almost thirteen years about 120,000 people have attended the events of the project. They enjoyed amazing beauty and harmony of the rarest works of Buddhist art discovering the striking symbolism and profound wisdom of one of the most ancient spiritual teachings of the world.

Photo gallery of the project

Contact info

Curator of the exhibition project in Russia:
Svetlana Belyaeva
Phone # +7 (911) 929-88-98
Representative of the exhibition project in the Far East of Russia:
Vera Mun
Phone # +7 (914) 969-41-32
Cultural Heritage of the Himalayas NGO in social networks: