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“Buddhism.ru” festival

As part of the festival 18 cities of our country hosted exhibitions, lectures, teaching meditation classes, film screenings and other cultural events dedicated to the history and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism in Russia. For the first time in Russia the film festival on Buddhism took place. The program included documentaries and feature films of famous directors, as well as rare videos shot by the lamas-directors which had not been available to the public before.
Also as part of the festival International Research and Practice Conference "Vajrayana Buddhism in Russia: History and Modernity" was launched and attended by the leading Russian and European scientists - Buddhist philosophers, historians, sociologists, scholars of art and culture.
The aim of the festival "Buddhism.ru" is to satisfy the interest for Buddhist culture and art, to study and preserve the tradition and culture of Tibetan Buddhism in our country. Buddhism is one of the traditional religions, historically it has been present in our country since XIII century. More than a million followers of Buddhism live in Russian Federation today. It is the main religion of Kalmykia, Buryatia and Tuva.

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Curator of the exhibition project in Russia:
Svetlana Belyaeva
Phone # +7 (911) 929-88-98
Representative of the exhibition project in the Far East of Russia:
Vera Mun
Phone # +7 (914) 969-41-32
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