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January 2015: Russian tour of Tomek Lehnert

January, 6 (2015)
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In January 2015, Russian tour of Tomek Lehnert (Poland) took place. Tomek is a writer, translator, traveler, public figure. At the invitation of the NGO "Cultural Heritage of the Himalayas," he visited major cities in Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok. The program of the trip included the public lectures, meetings with the public and journalists, participating in cultural and educational events dedicated to the preservation of the cultural and philosophical heritage of the countries of the Himalayan region. Since 1983 Tomek had a several visits to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India. Since 1987, he has traveled as secretary of Lama Ole Nydahl and his wife Hannah, making two trips around the world in a year. Since 1992, he visited Russia for many times. Tomek is an organizer of cultural and educational events, as well as participant of an international conferences. Tomek Lennert - author of the book "Rogues in cassocks" (published by Blue Dolphin, 1998).

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Curator of the exhibition project in Russia:
Svetlana Belyaeva
Phone # +7 (911) 929-88-98
Representative of the exhibition project in the Far East of Russia:
Vera Mun
Phone # +7 (914) 969-41-32
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